About Allegra-K®

Allegra-K® is an online fashion store. Our aim is to elaborately provide superior quality clothes at a reasonable price for everyone. We own strong and complex supply chain and talented designers’ team in this industry. We always listen to our customers’ opinion and strive to find the innovative ways to improve and deliver the most satisfying products. Regardless of a diverse range of body types, personality and gender, you can find clothes that fit.

The core value of Allegra-K® is to provide comfortable, nature and casual clothing, shoes, accessories for women. We believe our products made from quality fabrics, change the way we feel, improve the way we work and inspire a positive attitude towards life.

allegra-k.com is our official direct to customer website. So we can communicate with you directly and meet your demands as much as possible, and we also sell on Amazon, eBay, Wish, Walmart, Warget and so on.

Any question? Contact us via info@allegra-k.com